Global: Creating Shared Value


The Challenge

In an increasingly interconnected world, enterprises operate best when simultaneously pursuing their core business objectives and addressing societal needs. In developing markets shared value initiatives can involve coordination with government, public-private partnerships and/or collaborative programs with NGOs. Such efforts can face challenges in bridging the divides between the business, government and the social sectors – which often look at the world through very different lenses and without a sufficiently established level of trust.

The ASG Approach

ASG team members are able to translate the distinct languages of the business, government, and social sectors. We have worked in all three sectors and draw on our experiences to understand the interplay between business goals and social needs and provide the insights and assistance that lead to true win-win solutions. ASG helps clients discern the opportunities for creating shared value by finding the common ground needed to align client objectives with those of the countries where they operate. Our network overlaps sectoral lines and we can serve as a trusted intermediary party for all involved. We also regularly convene diverse groups of stakeholders, enabling productive dialogue, and providing the basis for establishing valuable partnerships that can have real impact.

The Result

ASG helps our clients create shared value in countries around the world, supporting strong corporate citizenship, and securing the social license to operate. We help find the common ground for long-term successful partnerships that can both open new market opportunities and turn seemingly intractable problems into win-win solutions. We have successfully bridged the divide between corporate clients and governments to find solutions that meet our client's business imperatives and help address social issues at play in developing markets.

Examples include:

o   In China, ASG developed a partnership between a healthcare-related industry association and a well-known Chinese non-profit to construct hospitals and clinics in rural areas.

o   In India, ASG worked to develop a relationship between a major beverage company and a local NGO to create a water sustainability plan.

o   In Asia, ASG helped a financial services company engage with provincial governments to create financial education programs.

o   In Africa, ASG helped a client implement skills training programs to boost employment and develop a suitable employee base.

o   In China, ASG helped a food retailer plan and implement a collaborative program with the government to improve food safety.

o   In South Asia, ASG worked with an industry coalition to develop common standards for ethical sourcing and to support government enforcement of worker safety standards.