Global: Market Assessment and Entry Strategies


The Challenge

As companies seek to gain a foothold in new markets they must make many business judgments while facing numerous unknowns. Adding to the complexity, in developing markets, it becomes essential to assess the political dimensions of potential investments and acquisitions, in addition to fully understanding the regulatory landscape and how best to establish a strong and respected profile as a committed corporate citizen.

Our Approach

ASG helps clients understand the politics, macroeconomics, regulations, rule of law and other considerations in new target markets. Through detailed market analysis and in-country insights and expertise, we help clients evaluate opportunities in potential markets. To this end, we offer a full range of services:

  • Market assessment
    • Lessons learned from past successful and unsuccessful market entries
    • Fuller understanding of the opportunities and risks
  • Market entry strategy
    • Partner identification
    • Political due diligence/vetting
    • Creating dialogues with high-level decision makers
    • Leveraging executive visits
  • Risk Management
    • Stakeholder mapping and engagement, in advance of a transaction being announced
  • Negotiations support
  • Regulatory approvals and ongoing government affairs support

The Outcome

ASG has successfully assisted multinational companies entering challenging markets in a broad range of contexts; from a nutrition company evaluating sub-Saharan African markets, to a major Turkish cement company assessing markets conditions in the Middle East, to a manufacturing company looking to establish a plant in India, and a solar energy company's consideration of various Chinese provinces as a location for a significant new facility.