Global: Political Due Diligence


The Challenge

As organizations pursue opportunities in developing markets, challenges frequently arise. In addition to more familiar business factors, reputational, political and execution risks must be considered, and often with limited information and opaque government decision making processes.

The ASG Approach

With highly capable local experts in every corner of the globe, ASG provides unparalleled insight into complex markets and policy dynamics. We leverage our extensive network to gain timely, nuanced, and actionable information through discreet sources, supported by solid public source research. ASG works in close collaboration with clients to make the most comprehensive assessment of opportunities and risks, identify potential partners, and enable fully-informed judgments.

The Result

We have provided political due diligence for a broad range of clients in markets around the world, including:

* In Southern Africa, where our research provided the foundation for a solid transaction structure and negotiation strategy in the acquisition of a distressed government investment asset.

* In Saudi Arabia, where we provided a comprehensive risk analysis for a client evaluating a joint venture opportunity worth more than $10 billion.

* In the U.S., where we helped a major transportation logistics company understand the political and public policy landscape around a major prospective investment.

* In Russia, where we helped a manufacturer gain a clearer understanding of the potential tax and other benefits and risks associated with a multibillion dollar investment in new facilities.

* In India, where we helped a GCC based conglomerate evaluate and pursue potential investment strategies.