Identifying partners and positioning for a successful initiative launch across Africa


The Challenge

A leading global foundation launching a major new initiative sought to identify strong partners and gain an understanding of the local political environment in cities across Africa, including in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, and Tanzania.

The ASG Approach

ASG conducted nuanced and discreet political due diligence on prospective partners and an in-depth assessment of risks and opportunities that existed in each country. We worked with our network across the continent to evaluate local government capacity and consider the unique political and economic context of each environment. Using this information, we then conducted a feasibility analysis for the foundation’s initiative. The ASG Approach included in-depth research as well as mapping and analyzing key stakeholders and local dynamics.


ASG was successful in helping the foundation identify strong and committed partners, and our client gained a holistic understanding of the broader political and economic environment. With this information, our client was able to more efficiently and effectively allocate resources and design local programs that have been highly-successful in several key markets.