Mitigating risks to a successful acquisition in Russia


The Challenge

A multinational manufacturer sought to acquire facilities in Russia. In addition to the  need to secure government approvals, the company also faced risks from local opposition to the acquisition that it sought to mitigate in order to ensure a successful investment.

The ASG Approach

ASG undertook an in-depth analysis of political and economic policy risks, as well as the sources and motivations of potential local opposition. We identified influential opponents within the scientific community as a key risk, and developed a plan to address their concerns. ASG mapped the landscape of relevant players in the scientific community, developed messages to best address their concerns, and laid out a plan for prioritized engagement. ASG then initiated discussions with these stakeholders, which helped to both alleviate their concerns and further inform the key messages for the company to convey in negotiations with government officials at the municipal, regional, and national levels.

The Result

Our client successfully completed the acquisitions with broad Russian stakeholder support, establishing a strong foundation for long-term success.