Preparing for possible election outcomes in Nigeria


The Challenge

A major multinational sought to understand Nigeria’s political climate during a historic presidential election in order to best evaluate and navigate business opportunities amid a period of national transition. In the run-up to the election, the company faced significant uncertainty regarding potential outcomes and the impact on their operations in this key market. The high degree of uncertainty posed particular challenges for planning and execution towards their objectives in the country.     

The ASG Approach

ASG mapped the landscape of political coalitions in Nigeria and their effect on the investment environment across the region. We engaged local partners to gain an in-depth understanding of political dynamics on the ground. We then conducted a scenario analysis which presented different possible outcomes and their expected impact on our client’s business. In the weeks and days preceding the election, ASG provided real-time analysis and updates to our client.

The Outcome

ASG helped our client better position itself for a range of election outcome scenarios. In addition, ASG helped the company significantly expand its engagement with key stakeholders on the ground. Since the election, our client has been successful in moving its business forward and building relationships with the new administration.