Shaping legislation in a rapidly changing regulatory environment in Latin America


The Challenge

A leading communications infrastructure company faced a rapidly changing regulatory environment in Latin America as the region rapidly moved from traditionally inadequate wireline capacity to wireless and broadband technologies, with related concerns regarding quality of service and infrastructure requirements. The shifting legal framework in a particular country, with proposed amendments to legislation, threatened the company’s core business model.

Our Approach

Our team in Latin America determined that it was essential to communicate with lawmakers and regulators about the particulars of our client, distinguishing it from players in the wider telecom industry that were the main target of the proposed legislation. We moved quickly to develop a strategy and messages for outreach to key executive and congressional branch stakeholders, engaging them in a dialogue around the genuine needs for improved telecommunications regulation and oversight and explaining the impact of the proposed legislative language on companies like our client. ASG also reached out through diplomatic stakeholders to reinforce this message and deliver it to relevant government officials.

The Result

ASG successfully assisted our client in shaping more effective and rational legislation, resulting in a regulatory regime that was more effective and conducive to investment while mitigating the risk to the company’s business model in the market.