Winning a major government infrastructure project in South Africa


The Challenge

One of the world’s leading industrial manufacturers sought to differentiate itself from various competitors for a major contract supporting the development of South Africa’s transport network.

The ASG Approach

ASG’s Africa team, including on-the-ground partners, helped our client better understand the local market and identify key decision-makers by conducting detailed government stakeholder analysis. We then provided written and oral briefings to prepare our client’s executives for critical meetings with high-level government officials. These meetings proved essential in distinguishing our client as the best choice among its various competitors. ASG leveraged its expert insights into the local market to best position the firm to win the government tender.

The Outcome

As a result of ASG’s successful identification of government partners and subsequent support in advance of pivotal meetings, our client won a multi-billion dollar contract to meet the South African government’s supply needs for the transportation project.