Albright Stonebridge Group Announces Further Growth with Arrival of Senior International Experts

September 11, 2014

Ben Chang

Albright Stonebridge Group Announces Further Growth
with Arrival of Senior International Experts

Washington, D.C. -- With the addition of three leaders from the worlds of international trade, diplomacy, and public affairs, Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) continues to expand its capabilities as a premier global commercial diplomacy and strategic advisory firm.

“My fellow Chairs, Samuel R. Berger and Carlos M. Gutierrez, and I are delighted to welcome Mara Burr, Johnnie Carson, and Muni Jensen to the firm.  They bring a wealth of talent and experience in South and Central Asia, Africa, Colombia and broader Latin America, as well as in trade, investment, environment, and communications,” said Madeleine K. Albright, Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group.  “We advise clients on how best to navigate the intersection of business, government, and civil society overseas, and these three distinguished professionals provide the unique experience and insights that will be invaluable for our clients and for the firm as a whole.”

Mara Burr joins ASG as a Senior Vice President in the India and South Asia practice.  Formerly the Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for South and Central Asia, she brings extensive experience in international trade and investment issues.  Ms. Burr was responsible for negotiating trade, investment and economic policy issues with the 14 countries of South Asia and Central Asia.  She led the effort to conclude both the U.S.-Afghanistan and the U.S.-Pakistan Memoranda of Understanding on Joint Efforts to Enable the Economic Empowerment of Women and to Promote Women’s Entrepreneurship.  Ms. Burr was also responsible for concluding and implementing the U.S.-Bangladesh Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum Agreement (TICFA).

Ms. Burr served as the Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Environmental and Natural Resources from 2004 to 2010, during which she was the lead environment negotiator for the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement, the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, the U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement, and the U.S. implementation work on the environment chapter of the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR).  She was also the lead environment negotiator during the free trade agreement negotiations with Malaysia from 2005 to 2007.  Ms. Burr was responsible for implementation of the environmental provisions of the U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement, the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement, and all the U.S. free trade agreements in the Middle East.

Prior to her government service, Ms. Burr practiced international trade law in Washington, DC, covering a broad scope of client matters including, trade rules, customs issues, investment, services and other commercial issues.

Ambassador Johnnie Carson joins ASG as a Senior Advisor, based in Washington.  He is an accomplished diplomat who concurrently serves as Senior Advisor to the President of the U.S. Institute of Peace, and brings extensive expertise in Africa to ASG.  He served as the U. S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 2009 to 2013.  During his distinguished 37-year Foreign Service career, he served in senior positions across the State Department, including as the Ambassador to Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda, and as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs.  Earlier in his career he had assignments in Portugal, Botswana, Mozambique, and Nigeria.  Before joining the Foreign Service, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania.  Ambassador Carson has been the recipient of several honors recognizing his exemplary service, including the U.S. Department's Meritorious Service Award.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bestowed Ambassador Carson with its highest award for his leadership in directing the U.S. Governments HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in Kenya.

Muni Jensen is a Senior Advisor with ASG, bringing her experience and expertise as a political analyst and former Colombian diplomat to the firm and its clients in the areas of Latin American politics, U.S.-Latin America trade, and public affairs.  She is a permanent participant in “Club de Prensa con Juan Carlos Iragorri,” a live, daily show about current global events broadcast from Washington featuring a roster of renowned Spanish-speaking correspondents from leading international news outlets.  In addition, she serves as a Senior Advisor to the Latin America Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
She previously served as a diplomat at the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia in Washington for six years under Luis Alberto Moreno (current president of the Inter-American Development Bank), Andrés Pastrana (former President of Colombia), Carolina Barco (former Foreign Minister), and Gabriel Silva (former Defense Minister).  During this time, Ms. Jensen focused on Congressional relations and the effort to ratify the U.S. Colombia Free Trade Agreement, as well as serving as press counselor and spokesperson for the Embassy.  Before her time in Washington, she worked at the Cali Chamber of Commerce division of International Trade and as vice president for Market Intelligence of Proexport Colombia in Bogotá.


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