ASG Senior Counselor Carol Browner writes in the Financial Times on "Oceans suffer tragedy of the the commons"

Sir, The latest findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) provide more detailed evidence than ever before of two things: first, that the ocean has been our buffer from the worst effects of man-made climate change until now

India Gears Up for Election Season

India will go to the polls to choose a new government in less than a month in what might be the country’s most important election in a generation. India’s challenge is twofold.

Changing political landscape in the run-up to the general elections

With an electorate of 814 million, India is readying itself for polls starting April 7 until May 12, 2014. The sheer size of the electorate, which is larger than all of Europe’s population, makes this election the largest the world has ever seen.