ASG Co-Chair Madeleine Albright and Senior Counselor Carol Browner Spoke at the Global Infrastructure Initiative

Since 2012, McKinsey & Company’s Global Infrastructure Initiative has convened the world’s most senior leaders in infrastructure from across the value chain for a focused discussion about the future of infrastructure.

Our theme in San Francisco will explore how innovation and technology can disrupt and improve infrastructure delivery.

The Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) was created as a vehicle to help unlock the recurring infrastructure bottlenecks, explore new frontiers, and drive change in the industry. The end goal is to deliver essential infrastructure faster, better and cheaper, thereby enabling economic growth and contributing to more resilient, stable, and secure communities.

GII has hosted two successful global events and a number of regional roundtables, laying the foundation for a community of infrastructure leaders, committed to leading this change. This year’s regional roundtables will culminate with a global event in San Francisco on 18-20 November. At each convening, we build on the momentum, co-creating new ways to optimize the $9 trillion in annual infrastructure investments.

Link to Global Infastructure Initiative website here.

Secretary Albright speaking on a panel with Jaoquim Levy, Finance Minister of Brazil, about balancing the needs of developing countries' long and short term needs, so as to ensure infastructure investment is prudently made.


ASG Senior Conselor Carol Browner moderates a panel regarding disaster risk reduction and infrastructure invesment.


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