Atman Trivedi on WION to discuss G-20 foreign ministers' meeting

Senior Vice President Atman Trivedi spoke on WION to discuss the G-20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting in India, where U.S. Secretary of State met with his Indian and other counterparts:

The Ukraine-Russia conflict is really going to take center stage...India's challenge is to not have that conflict take up all the oxygen in the room when the foreign ministers convene. India's going to get pulled in a number of different directions, [it] has tried to take a very careful, restrained position, and not align itself with the West necessarily, but also not align itself with's own interests may dictate in favor of trying to continue taking this neutral approach. But the question is: Will it be able to sustain it, given all the pressure that's being applied by various sides, most strongly coming from the West.

Watch the full interview here.