Press Release: Dentons Global Advisors-ASG Welcomes James B. Steinberg as Senior Counselor

April 6, 2022 (Washington, D.C.) – Dentons Global Advisors-Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG), leaders in global strategic advisory, announce today that James B. Steinberg has joined the firm as Senior Counselor.

“I am delighted to welcome Jim to our team,” said Dan K. Rosenthal, Managing Principal of Dentons Global Advisors ASG. “He brings an incredible breadth and depth of expertise in international affairs and geopolitics and a very distinguished record of public service at the top echelons of U.S. diplomacy and national security. He is one of the leading strategic thinkers on international affairs, and our clients and global team will benefit from Jim’s wealth of knowledge on the complex global landscape. A number of us at the firm have had the pleasure of working closely with Jim in the past and we are all thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him again.”

“Jim’s unique experience navigating some of the most pressing and high-stakes issues facing the world today will be invaluable to our clients,” said Edward J. Reilly, CEO of Dentons Global Advisors. “He is an excellent addition to Dentons Global Advisors’ integrated team of senior experts.”

“It’s exciting to become part of such a dynamic team, and I look forward to working with colleagues old and new,” said Mr. Steinberg.

The Honorable James B. Steinberg served as Deputy Secretary of State in the Obama administration, and as Deputy National Security Advisor in the Clinton White House. In the latter role he served as the president’s personal representative to G-8 summit meetings. Previously, he was Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff and earlier served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Analysis in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research.

Mr. Steinberg currently serves as Dean of the Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies. He previously served as Dean of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and Dean of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas. Mr. Steinberg received the CIA Director’s Medal and the Secretary of State’s Distinguished Service Award, among other honors.

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Johns Hopkins affiliation is listed for identification purposes only. 

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