Gao Jian

Dr. Gao Jian, based in Beijing, is a Senior Advisor at ASG, where he draws on his experience as a Senior Economist to advise clients on China’s financial sector and economic development. 

From 2003 to 2012, Dr. Gao served as the Executive Vice Governor of the China Development Bank (CDB). Dr. Gao previously held a number of important positions in China’s Ministry of Finance, including Director General of the Department of Laws and Regulations, before moving to the CDB in 1998. Dr. Gao is widely regarded as the founder of China’s securities market and a major innovator of China’s debt capital market. In recognition of his leading role in developing China’s financial sector, China’s State Council awarded Dr. Gao the honor of “Special Contributor” in 1999.

In addition to his government career, Dr. Gao has been a Guest Professor at a number of Chinese and American universities, and he is the author of eleven books on Chinese economic and financial issues. 

Dr. Gao graduated from the Graduate School of Political Science and Law and earned a Doctorate in Finance from the Institute of Financial Sciences of China’s Ministry of Finance. He completed post-doctoral studies in the Department of Economics at Harvard University.