Addressing import challenges in Indonesia


The Challenge

One of the world's leading veterinary health companies faced an import block in Indonesia for its anti-infective product while the government updated regulations, potentially jeopardizing animal welfare, income for farmers, and affordable access to food supply. 

The ASG Approach

ASG worked with the client to quickly develop a high-level engagement strategy. We conducted senior-level outreach to the Ministry of Agriculture and other government stakeholders to make sure the implications of this block, and necessity for a rapid solution, were understood by the appropriate decision-makers.

In addition to providing regular updates to our client’s relevant teams and partners in the U.S., in Indonesia, and across the region, ASG’s DC-based and on-the-ground team helped ready our client to change product use conditions under the updated regulation. 

The Result

Immediately following our engagement with senior Indonesian officials, the regulation was released. With ASG’s support, our client’s import permit was approved and our client was able to resume importing into Indonesia.