Advocating for changes to problematic EU legislation


The Challenge

A major professional services firm faced a new and uncertain regulatory environment in Europe in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and a new legislative landscape stemming from EU governance changes enacted through the Treaty of Lisbon. Proposed legislation threatened to have very a substantial impact on the company's business model.

The ASG Approach

We began by helping our client understand the new regulatory environment in Europe, including the decision-making process, key stakeholders and possible legislative trajectory. As the legislation advanced, ASG provided strategic counsel to our client on messaging and positioning. Our team on the ground in Brussels engaged in discussions with key legislators and regulators on a sustained basis, clarifying the importance of firms in our client's sector to the EU economy and the negative impacts on Europe that were likely to result from the proposed laws. Through these dialogues we framed an approach that mitigated the negative effects of the legislation for all parties.

The Result

Successful advocacy resulted in changes to problematic legislative clauses, and blunted the most negative effects of the new laws. Throughout the process, ASG advised our client on adjustments to its posture and helped them weigh the opportunities to make positive inputs into the policy shaping discussion against those aspects of the new legislation that would be unwelcome but inevitable.