Assessing outbound investment opportunities in emerging markets


The Challenge

A prominent regional investor wanted to better understand and assess prospects in several emerging markets outside the region for potential investment, with a particular focus on sectors which would receive government attention and support. The client had already made a wide variety of investments at home and abroad and was open to opportunities in any sector, at any stage, and of different sizes.

The ASG Approach

ASG developed a proprietary framework to assess each market from a political and macro-economic prospective. We then used our deep expertise and network of local experts in each market to determine the priorities of each government and local market movements. We assessed 30 sectors based on those inputs, in addition to market constraints (FDI restrictions, SOE dominance, etc.), sectoral metrics, and the client’s competitive advantage to present recommendations on the top three sectors within each market.

The Result

The client decided to move forward with a specific sub-sector we recommended. ASG is spearheading the execution of the go-to-market strategy. The client also retained ASG for two additional markets.