Assessing reputational and regulatory risks in China


The Challenge

A major American company hired ASG to understand and address reputational and regulatory risks following a U.S. government investigation into the company’s operations in China.

The ASG Approach

ASG advised both the company’s in-country team and executives at headquarters on government affairs strategy in China. We arranged for the company to meet with key Chinese officials and other stakeholders, and accompanied the client to those meetings. Before each, ASG developed core messaging for the client, tailored to the various Chinese interlocutors and their priorities. Throughout the investigation, ASG helped assess developments and adjusted the company’s strategy accordingly. We sought to demonstrate the client’s commitment to addressing any concerns the Chinese government may have had, and to highlight its aim of continuing to expand its presence in China.

The Result

Following these enhanced engagement efforts with a broad set of Chinese stakeholders, the client was able to mitigate the negative impact of the U.S. investigation, improve its reputation, and increase its business in China.

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