Attaining regulatory approvals for large-scale development project in China


The Challenge

A multi-national entertainment company’s efforts to develop a large-scale project in China faced significant challenges as it sought to secure necessary regulatory approvals from the Chinese government.

The ASG Approach

Our China team helped the client gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape and Chinese authorities’ goals and priorities in the tourism industry. We then devised a plan to identify and engage key stakeholders involved in the resort sector and arranged meetings for company executives with these stakeholders to deliver messages that demonstrated our client’s commitment to China. During this process, we also helped to raise our client’s corporate profile and generate goodwill within the Chinese government, highlighting its potential contribution to the country’s economic development. ASG also assisted the company in finalizing a key partnership with a Chinese entity needed for the project to move forward.

The Result

Through this comprehensive, on-the-ground government engagement strategy, our client secured the necessary regulatory approvals. It also obtained relevant financial incentives—including tax cuts, subsidies, and grants—necessary to move forward with the project.