Developing a governance and operational framework for a health delivery system


The Challenge

A healthcare client in the Middle East sought expertise in developing a governance and operational framework for a health delivery system.  In particular, the client requested policies that would enable the delivery of high quality international health care within a special economic zone (SEZ).

The ASG Approach

ASG’s policy, regional, and healthcare experts identified and assessed multiple policies from successful hospital systems operating in other SEZs.  From this analysis, the team determined the types of frameworks best suited to address this client’s objectives and needs. The team then crafted a governance framework to meet international high quality health care standards, foster innovation, and lay the groundwork for subsequent hospitals to design systems from this model.

The Result

This regulatory framework, centered around accountable care organizational transformation, was accepted by the SEZ. Our client has now begun development of the new health delivery system.  This new framework will guide future innovative health centers seeking to operate and deliver healthcare that follows high international standards.