Developing a strategy to mobilize capital for low-carbon development


The Challenge 

In support of global climate goals identified in the Paris Agreement and echoed by the UN Secretary-General, seven global financial institutions came together to find cross-sector solutions to accelerate the mobilization of climate finance for emerging markets. 

The ASG Approach 

As the primary strategic advisor to the coalition’s secretariat, ASG developed detailed strategy proposals for initiatives the group could pursue to achieve its mandate. Our team maintained daily contact with stakeholders, mediating between the group’s members and external public sector partners to refine these proposals. Throughout, we sought to ensure that proposals aligned with each organization’s capabilities and enhanced social and financial value creation. 


The coalition agreed upon a series of initiatives highlighted at the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit, which included the announcement of a new public-private partnership focused on climate finance in emerging markets. ASG continues to work with the coalition, leading the implementation and launch of these initiatives.

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