Lifting regulatory restrictions to expand market presence in China


The Challenge

A global technology company sought to expand its presence in China through acquisition, but after the deal was approved the Chinese government implemented restrictions that threatened to undermine the benefits of the acquisition.

The ASG Approach

Our China team formulated a profile-raising strategy to build understanding and support for lifting the restrictions across the Chinese government. We identified, crafted core messages for, and engaged with stakeholders to help the company successfully navigate China’s mandated anti-monopoly (AML) review and establish a long-term government relations presence. Throughout the process, ASG arranged high-level meetings for firm executives with senior Chinese government officials to discuss specific issues around the AML investigation, as well as to showcase the firm’s contributions to China’s development goals in the information technology sector.

The Result

ASG’s strategy helped the company lift the regulatory restrictions on its operations in China and build a set of effective and long-term relationships with key Chinese government officials and other stakeholders. 

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