Mitigating reputational risk amid U.S.-China trade tensions

The Challenge

Escalating U.S.-China trade tensions severely damaged the business relationship between an ASG client in the manufacturing sector and a major customer, a leading Chinese technoloy company. As a result, the client faced challenges ranging from harm to its reputation and customer base to retaliation from the Chinese government. 

ASG Approach

ASG's China team reassessed and readjusted the client's approach to the dispute with the Chinese customer to focus on seeking an amicable settlement. We developed an outreach plan to carefully add the client's voice to calls from the business community for a de-escalation to trade tensions. We also secured bilateral meetings and identified high-profile platforms for the CEO to engage with state leaders and senior officials from key Chinese ministries, conveying positive messaging to build trust and understanding. 

The Result

Our client was able to reach an amicable settlement with the Chinese technology customer and turn the problem into an opportunity to develop and strengthen its position with key stakeholders.


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