Preserving reputation in the wake of a critical report in Southeast Asia


The Challenge

A major retailer sought to preserve its reputation in several Southeast Asian markets after the release of a critical report on components its supply chain. Our client enlisted ASG to provide a stakeholder engagement strategy and crisis communications support.

The ASG Approach

After gaining a full understanding of the facts we then assessed the extent of reputational damage and identified inaccuracies in the report. ASG’s Southeast Asia team then conducted an in-depth analysis of political developments relevant to our client’s sourcing activities. We collaborated with our client in developing its strategic messaging to highlight the company’s track-record of improving labor conditions and to correct mischaracterizations in the report and subsequent press reporting. ASG then developed discrete stakeholder engagement strategies for each of the markets in the region. We facilitated meetings for company executives with key regional stakeholders and helped our client developed constructive relationships with senior and working level government officials.

The Result

Our analysis provided our client with a deeper and clearer understanding of the challenges and of the relevant stakeholder landscape. In one market, we helped inform their judgment on whether to open their first office. Our client was able to protect and ultimately enhance its reputation and brand image. Through the development of new and stronger relationships with key stakeholders the company is now better positioned to address shared concerns and prevent future crises. In particular, our client was able to effectively advocate at the ministerial level for greater government involvement in protecting the health and safety of workers and built a foundation for productive ongoing engagement on this and other important issues.