Receiving restitution for non-payment in Saudi Arabia


The Challenge

A leading global engineering company partnered with a government agency to remediate environmental damage in the Kingdom. The company sought restitution for non-payment caused by administration reshuffling, a lack of funding, and rumored unethical behavior.

The ASG Approach

Our MENA team mapped key stakeholders and developed a strategy to work through the decision-making process, identifying gaps in knowledge and relationships. We then communicated with senior Saudi government officials, including at the ministerial level, to gather on-the-ground intelligence and conduct political due diligence. Our team also initiated an ongoing dialogue to strengthen relationships with critical stakeholders and position the company for new business in the Kingdom.

The Result

The Saudi government approved a multi-million dollar payment to our client. Sustained engagement efforts helped improve the company’s reputation within the Kingdom, as well as relationships with key Saudi stakeholders.