Implementing a successful public-private partnership in Brazil


The Challenge

The Brazilian government is among the world’s largest purchasers of pharmaceutical products, but regulatory processes can also create significant hurdles. A global pharmaceutical firm came to ASG having entered a public-private-partnership (PPP) intended to bring an important life-sustaining product and technology to Brazil. However, implementation was being held up amid legal uncertainty surrounding the PPP agreement and efforts by a local incumbent competitor to impede progress of the PPP.

The ASG Approach

Understanding the great value that our client’s products offered to Brazil, our approach was to raise and enhance our client’s profile, highlighting areas of mutual benefit and building trust with stakeholders in order to overcome a general skepticism of some stakeholders towards public-private partnerships with multinational drug makers. ASG worked with our client to create and implement an outreach plan, strengthen relations with its local public sector partner, and effectively work through the regulatory process. We developed an ongoing dialogue with critical stakeholders including the Ministry of Health, key legislators, and health organizations, to build public support and secure a positive outcome.

The Result

Our client’s partnership was successfully implemented, opening the market to their flagship product and providing thousands of Brazilian patients with the most advanced treatment option. The company now operates from a solid foundation for continued growth in Brazil.