Global Infrastructure: statement by ASG Chair Madeleine Albright

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January 29, 2014
Madeleine Albright Hails President Obama’s Call to Invest in World-Class Infrastructure
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Worldwide, the gap between the infrastructure we have and the infrastructure we need for sustained growth is far too wide.  This gap makes it harder to create good jobs and to lift people out of poverty and into the middle class. 
Tuesday night, in his State of the Union address, President Obama spoke eloquently about the wisdom of investing in America’s infrastructure and renewable energy projects to help make our communities and people more prosperous, stable, and secure.  The President highlighted the Administration’s commitment to improving Federal permitting efficiency so that infrastructure and renewable energy projects are approved more quickly, while at the same time ensuring that they lead to better outcomes for our communities and the environment. 
Albright Stonebridge Group maintains its active support of the Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII), a multi-disciplinary effort designed to address the urgent need to plan, finance, build, and operate the sustainable infrastructure required to support 9 billion people.  A joint initiative of McKinsey & Company, the Abraaj Group, and the Albright Stonebridge Group, GII’s goal is to encourage new and productive investment in essential infrastructure in countries everywhere.  To that end, GII members – including private sector firms, financial specialists, government officials, and other stakeholders – are working on ways to stimulate planning, remove bureaucratic barriers, and increase productivity so that the door to investment opens and necessary projects move from the drawing table to reality.
Responding to Mr. Obama’s speech, GII Co-Chair Madeleine Albright said “I was heartened by the President’s call for a renewed commitment to infrastructure.  In my travels, I have seen first-hand how vital good roads, bridges, ports and waterways, power grids, and communication facilities are in enabling communities and countries to compete in the global economy.  Without these investments, societies stagnate.  With them, the opportunities provided by trade, new marketing arrangements, and advanced technology become available to all sectors.”
Secretary Albright continued, “I was also pleased to hear the President’s call to action on climate change.  In heeding that summons, we have a responsibility to assess the design and adequacy of our infrastructure to ensure that it will play a constructive role in mitigating the harmful effects of global warming.  Going forward, in order for infrastructure to be sound, it must be sustainable.”
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