Joschka Fischer for Project Syndicate on how the Ukraine war has changed Europe

For Project Syndicate, Senior Strategic Counsel Joschka Fischer wrote an op-ed on how the war in Ukraine has changed Europe and world geopolitics.

"Obviously, the fighting is first and foremost about the Ukrainian people’s survival and the future of their homeland. But it is also about the future of the international order. Will violence triumph over law, or can we return to a lasting peace based on law and treaties? And what are the broader geopolitical implications? Russia’s invasion represented the global order’s first major revision in the twenty-first century, and now China and Russia have entered a deeper (albeit unformalized) alliance to challenge the United States and the West’s dominance.

This struggle – a revival of Cold War power politics – is embedded in two major global transformations: the encroaching digitalization of all spheres of modern life, and the final crisis of fossil-fueled industrial society."

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