Paul Triolo on TikTok and U.S.-China relations

ASG's Paul Triolo spoke with Barron's on the policy considerations around TikTok: 

Unlike the Chinese companies that have been the subject of U.S. export controls and harsh restrictions because they were believed to have ties to China’s military, TikTok is much more interwoven into the lives of Americans, with tens of millions of U.S. users and creators on the popular app. That makes the issue “one of the most complex and fraught” ones related to China, says Paul Triolo, senior vice president for China and technology policy at strategic advisory firm Albright Stonebridge. “Any new attempt to ban these apps in the U.S. is likely to fail, so the administration and the Commerce Department are attempting to find an approach short of banning but which provides some new assurances around how the parent company running these apps handles U.S. citizen data,” Triolo adds.

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