Strategic Technology Landscape 2023: Risks, Opportunities, and Wild Cards


Geopolitics is disrupting the multi-trillion-dollar technology sector. Escalating competition, new restrictions on the flow of technology and data across borders, and supply chain disruptions have reinforced that the intersection of technology and geopolitics is an urgent, existential issue for global companies.

In 2023, governments will continue to assert that certain technologies and their supply chains are of strategic and national security importance. Internet platforms, hardware companies, and software makers will grapple with new regulations and emerging norms on issues such as online content, artificial intelligence, data protection, and competition. The semiconductor industry will enter uncharted territory as governments spend taxpayer money to address supply chain risks and enforce new export controls. In an increasingly digital world, the fortunes of every company will be bound up in political changes affecting the tech sector and the rapid evolution of technology itself.

The expanding Technology Policy and Strategy Group of Dentons Global Advisors-Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) brings together leading experts in technology policy, law and regulation, strategic communications, and government relations to help companies navigate these shifts. In this inaugural Strategic Technology Landscape report, we identify the key political and policy trends that will shape the technology sector in 2023. Some trends are already well-established but are heading for disruptive new developments. Some are likely to emerge as major issues for policymakers and companies. Others are wild cards that could create surprises for CEOs and boards as the technology sector shapes and is shaped by global events.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you anticipate, understand, and develop strategies for addressing the risks and opportunities these trends will create for your business this year and beyond.

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