Driven to make a lasting positive difference, Global Health Solutions (GHS) helps public and private organizations develop, deliver, and transform health care in countries across the world. The practice also supports executives across all industries in pandemic-related recovery, transition, and long-term planning and resiliency efforts, with strategies rooted in the developing science of Covid-19 and geopolitical insights from the broader global ASG team.

Led by Dr. Mehul Mehta, GHS is comprised of a global team that includes physicians, public health leaders, medical educators, and health technology experts.

GHS develops custom solutions for each client and operates on a flexible, open platform that allows it to draw on the expertise of a global network of renowned specialists without the single-institution constraints common in the health advisory sector. 

Our team supports projects related to evolving models of health care delivery, strategy and operations. These include integrated care networks, digitally distributed care, workforce deployment, medical education, public health collaborations, medical research ecosystems, regulatory reform, and Covid-19-related understanding, among others. GHS also guides the development and deployment of public-private partnerships to address both acute and chronic care.

GHS clients have access to ASG’s on-the-ground experts in more than 40 countries who help our clients build effective partnerships, achieve alignment with local needs and priorities, and navigate challenging political and policy landscapes.

GHS primary focus areas include:

  • Health Systems Solutions
    • Strategy and operations solutions for health care delivery organizations
    • Development of medical research ecosystems
    • Regulatory reform
    • Public-private partnership design and execution
  • Health Care Models of the Future
    • Innovations in AI, digital health, and telehealth
    • Health workforce deployment
    • Medical education
    • Public health collaborations
  • Covid-19 Pandemic Decision-Making
    • Science of Covid-19
    • Public health impact
    • Transition to reopening
    • Mental health management
    • Organizational resilience-building

Our open platform model allows GHS to custom-build teams to address each project's unique needs:

Global Health Solutions

Examples of our work in Global Health Solutions: