Driven to make a lasting positive difference, ASG Health supports health care leaders in realizing transformative growth and impact in markets around the world, and works with executives across all industries on long-term planning and resiliency efforts related to health care challenges.

With decades of experience, our health care experts understand that sustainable success in this dynamic sector requires innovative solutions, adaptable operational models, and a sophisticated ability to navigate shifting market, political, and policy landscapes.

The ASG Health global team includes former senior healthcare executives, physicians, public health leaders, medical educators, and health technology experts.

In addition to supporting projects related to evolving models of health care delivery, strategy, and operations, ASG has advised pharmaceutical and life sciences clients in more than 100 countries on intellectual property, market access, and government affairs, among other areas.

Our comprehensive suite of health care services and solutions includes:

  • Health service delivery. ASG helps clients build and transform health care delivery, medical education, and patient care around the world using practical and innovative solutions.

  • Transaction advisory. ASG advises and assists clients on transaction related issues, including nonmarket risk, M&A strategy, capital raising, divestment, and partnerships and alliance-building.

  • Health system strengthening. ASG supports the design, development, and delivery of large-scale international hospital and health system projects, across both developed and developing markets.

  • Public-private partnerships. ASG commercial diplomats identify and help create alignment between investors, companies, governments, and foundations to build successful partnerships.

  • IP protection and dispute resolution settlements. ASG supplements traditional arbitration with creative tools to help investors mitigate and resolve challenges.

  • Covid-19 decision-making. ASG supports executives across all industries in pandemic-related recovery, transition, and long-term planning and resiliency efforts, with strategies rooted in the developing science of Covid-19 and geopolitical insights from the broader global ASG team.

Our unique open platform model allows us to draw on the expertise of a global network of renowned specialists across geographies and sectors without the single-institution constraints common in the health advisory sector.

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