We aim to build and transform health care for tomorrow’s needs with practical and innovative solutions. In collaboration with other organizations, we improve health care by implementing disruptive solutions, establishing quality and value-driven models, leveraging technology, and expanding patient-centered care.

To meet the goals of our clients, we offer a coordinated approach that combines our holistic expertise with integrated advisory, management, investment, and unique analytic and IP services across the areas of expertise below.

Areas of expertise

Our unique open platform model allows us to draw on the expertise of a global network of renowned specialists across geographies and sectors without the constraints commonly seen in the health advisory sector. Our network includes experts in countries around the world: specialists in sub-fields ranging from clinical care, public health, and life science research to IP protection and digital care, along with partner institutions that include leading academic medical centers, investment firms, non-governmental organizations, and the world’s largest law firm, Dentons.

  Clinical care delivery systems

Collaborate with clients to create innovative hospitals, care delivery systems, clinical carve outs, and enterprise models 

  Government affairs

Advise clients on government and public affairs strategy and execution, commercial strategy, strategic communications, issue management, market access support, and training

  Digital health strategy

Assist with the strategic planning for and application of AI, telehealth, electronic health records, and distributed digitally driven health care

  Market assessment and entry

Advise clients on market entry growth, entry and exit; stakeholder engagement; partner identification and vetting; and positioning and reputation management

  Public health

Partner to assist with systems augmentation, innovation, and strengthening

  Clinical and translational research

Work alongside institutions to create new research environments, clinical research systems, and IP-driven systems

  Health education and workforce training

Partner with medical, nursing, and pharmacy schools, hospitals, health care organizations, and allied health professionals to enhance and develop local education and training capabilities

Clinical domains

Support clients as they create novel integrated care environments, including public health and private care


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