Michael Žantovský

Ambassador Michael Žantovský is a Senior Advisor at ASG, where he advises clients on investment and business strategies and current affairs and opportunities in the Czech Republic and across the European Union.

Ambassador Žantovský has worked at the highest levels of politics and international affairs and brings deep expertise from his distinguished career as a diplomat, politician, author, and translator. Recently, Ambassador Žantovský served as the Executive Director of the Václav Havel Library, the President of the Aspen Institute Prague, and as a member of the Forum 2000 Foundation Program Council. He is currently an external advisor on foreign policy to the President of the Czech Republic.

As one of the actors in the 1989 Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution that paved the way to democracy, Ambassador Žantovský became the spokesman for Czech President Václav Havel and political director in the Office of the President. During his government service, he has served as Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom. As a politician, he served as chairman of the Civic Democratic Alliance and as a Senator, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security in the Parliament.

Ambassador Žantovský holds a master’s degree in psychology from Charles University in Prague.

He is based in Prague. 


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